GPCC Feb 15, 2017

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    GPCC Feb 15, 2017
  • Committee*
    Graduate Policies and Curriculum Committee
  • Notes:

    February 15, 2017
    J-161 (Marietta Campus)



    1. Call to Order
    2. Approval of Agenda
    3. Approval of Minutes from Feb 1, 2017
    4. Presentation of Minutes from GPCC Executive Committee Feb 8, 2017

    Old Business

    1. Program Revisions (from 1/18/17 agenda)
      1. EDD in Teacher Leadership
      2. EDS in Teacher Leadership
      3. MED in Teacher Leadership
      4. Course Revisions – TLED 7990, TLED 8200, TLED 9900
      5. New Courses – TLED 7000, TLED 7101, TLED 7465, TLED 7785, TLED 7980
    2. Program Revisions – admission requirements (same for each program)
      1. MS in Civil Engineering (from 2/1/17 agenda)
      2. MS in Engineering Management (from 2/1/17 agenda)
      3. MS in Quality Assurance (from 10/5/17 agenda)
      4. MS in Systems Engineering (from 2/1/17 agenda)
      5. MS in Applied Engineering (from 2/1/17 agenda)
    3. Program Revision – EDD in Educational Leadership (from 1/18/17 agenda)
      1. Course Revisions – EDL 9320, EDL 9380, EDL 9860, EDL 9884
      2. New Courses – EDL 9000, EDL 9345, EDL 9510, EDL 9520, EDL 9600, EDL 9850
      3. New Courses – HEA  9110, HEA 9120, HEA 9210, HEA 9420, HEA 9520

    New Business

    1. New Course and Cross Listing
      1. BIOL 6500 (new course) cross listed with BIOL 4500
    2. Program Revisions
      1. MA in American Studies
      2. Grad Certificate in American Studies
      3. New Courses – AMST 6201, AMST 6401
    3. Program Revision - MS in Criminal Justice
    4. MA in Teaching
      1. Program Revisions
      2. New Courses – EDUC 6610, EDMA 6421, EDMA 6422, EDMA 6650, EDMA 6660, MATH 7595**
      3. Course Revisions – ARED 6650, BED 6650, CHED 6650, EDMG 6650, ENED 6650, INED 6650, INED 6651, MAED 6650, PHED 6650**
      4. **courses not yet at GPCC level






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  • Created By:
    David Baugher

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